The Catalyst presents

Blue Butterfly


A MODERN PLAY about acceptance

In science

In society

In ourselves



Written by Richard Crane and The Catalyst

Directed by Ailin Conant

Projection by luxloop

In English, surtitrée en français



"what is the only alien invader that the human body will accept and nuRture as its own?"


Blue Butterfly is the story of a young family grappling with demanding careers, an abnormal child, and fundamental forces of nature. Natalie and Simon are struggling scientists who resort to TEDx talks and TV to thrust their research into the spotlight, while their brilliant but dangerous seven-year-old daughter gravitates towards her grandmother's mystical beliefs. Their research into cancer, parasitism, and immunology echoes the complex dynamics of a family blind to their own dysfunction. 

When life spirals into crisis, we must ask ourselves: what do we want to believe?


Duration: 1h30 without intermission

Suitable for ages 13 and above.